Shorn Brown

from by Andrew Heathwaite



Shorn Brown is the one and only "pop song" on the Newbeams album. The lyrics are autobiographical and involve me walking around at odd hours of the night with my baby sleeping in a wrap against my body. Another piece of context is that I cut my hair and beard in early February when the family got lice (yuck!), and lost my natural "scarf" and "hat" that had been keeping me warm through the winter. To make matters worse, the baby was freaked out by my radically different appearance and wouldn't look at me for a few weeks! (He got used to me eventually, though, and I got used to the new temperature constraints).

Tuning: 37-EDO.
Time: 15 beats per long-measure (divided 7+8) at 95 BPM.


Shorn Brown went walking
What am I made from? he wondered
Clutching some baby whose eyelids twitch in time
These wrinkles these wrinkles
On the forehead of waiting for something undefined...

Shorn Brown is thinking
This is a puzzle, this living
Luna is hiding; the houses still are there
These evenings these evenings
What has Shorn Brown been eating?
The future in a hair


from Newbeams, released March 1, 2012




Andrew Heathwaite Springfield, Illinois

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