Rats was the one of the first compositions I put together in Renoise, and in some ways it pulls out most of the "stops" that I knew of. I'm pretty crazy about the video-game theme-like melody and the ways that it repeats and interacts with the bass. I considered putting words to the melody and turning it into a "song," but haven't yet and probably won't. The Creative Commons license grants you permission to take that idea and run with it, if you get so inspired!

Note: For each song on this album, I've including a very basic listing of the tuning and time that I used to compose it (as you can see below). More detailed tuning and compositional notes, of interest perhaps to composers and microtonalists, are published elsewhere on the xenharmonic wiki.

Tuning: 46-EDO.
Time: 13 beats per measure at 123 BPM.


from Newbeams, released March 1, 2012




Andrew Heathwaite Springfield, Illinois

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