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On this album, I was starting to explore a type of rhythm I call "pentaswing." Someone must have played with this idea before, but I don't know of any examples. Basically, a swing rhythm divides beats into a long first note and a short second note. The ratio of long to short is often close to 2:1, so the underlying rhythm is a triplet -- a beat divided into three subdivisions, grouped 2+1. My idea was to generalize the long-short idea but divide the beat into five subdivisions, grouped 3+2 (long-short ratio 3:2). I found it works very well, and this very short piece is proof-of-concept. It leads into Spun, which is a more developed piece that uses a pentaswing rhythm.

Tuning: 23-EDO.
Time: 7 beats per measure at 140 BPM, beat is divided into 5 subdivisions (hence the name "pentaswing")


from Newbeams, released March 1, 2012




Andrew Heathwaite Springfield, Illinois

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