Elf Dine on Ho Ho

from by Andrew Heathwaite



I was driven to writing songs in round form after working with An Exciting Event and being immersed in the rounds of Moondog, Jacob Barton, Dan Sedgwick and Marji Gere. In fact, before this album, almost all the songs I had been composing were rounds!

One day Marji came up with a palindrome and excitedly shared it with some friends on Facebook, and her message contained a special note: "Andrew, if you'd like to set this to an overtonal spiral round, I'd be very pleased." I wrote back, "'Spiral-round Marji's palindrome' is on my to-do list!" which was true. I finally got to it, but it's actually *undertonal*, not overtonal, and it doesn't spiral.

Tuning: 53-EDO.
Time: 5 beats per measure at 155 BPM, beat is divided into seven subdivisions.


Lyrics are a letter palindrome by Marji Gere:

Oh, oh no! Enid flew onto her Go-Kart,
made Rob, bored Amtrak ogre, hot.
Now elf dine on ho-ho.


from Newbeams, released March 1, 2012




Andrew Heathwaite Springfield, Illinois

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